Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Crossover Program & Instructor Course Pro's Opps!!!

Eilat, Israel
The expansion of NASE Worldwide in regions of Europe, Oceanic and Asia, Russian Federation.

As the top scuba diving educators in the U.S., Shai S Bitton, NASE Instructor and representative has opened the gates for career opportunities.

I am seeking for current instructors interested to crossover onto NASE Worldwide. Red Sea. 

Are you interested in a career in scuba diving? If your not a current instructor and seeking to pursue a career in the industry. Please email for information on the procedures on becoming a NASE Worldwide Scuba Diver Instructor. 

Scuba diving is a career that is for those that have a passion for the ocean. As an instructor you'll attain the knowledge, skills and mythology that is the foundation of NASE Worldwide instructors. Since 1982 The National Academy of Scuba Educators have been prominent to the passion of scuba diving education. Introducing an environment that is little known to the majority. 
"If you seek, you will find" If you seek for the unknown it cannot be found."
This means that there are many opportunities our there. One that is little known. Thus we've enlighten you to seek into a new field of opportunities. Scuba Diving and the underwater environment.
Catch a new wave into the ocean with NASE 
I have found my passion in this field after years of exploring and engagement of different field. I have been in over 25 countries worldwide in over 650 places within those countries. I am an entrepreneur in the field a favour most in the best places in the this world. Now! I'd like to expand this passion with those that have the same interest and passion. 

Please allow me to introduce myself as;

Shai S Bitton
M.B.A., BSc., BAPhil., LLB.,
NASE Staff Instructor 
Academy Director & Representative 
Santiago de Chile, Chile
Eilat, Israel